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this makes me sad.. he was such a bad father..

I hated it when John talked to Dean

And the thing about this moment that gets to me so much — John is mad at Sam, so he takes it out on Dean in a petty way. In an episode that was about replaying patterns of their family life, that was a very telling note. Insulting/belittling Dean is John’s way of letting off steam after a frustrating conversation with his other son.

And what’s telling about that is that John raised Dean to be perfectly obedient and not to talk back; so when he’s taking his anger out on Dean it’s because he knows that Dean won’t say anything.  It’s the horrible parent equivalent of punching a pillow when you’re angry- except that in this case the pillow can actually feel all of the blows that land on it.

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We Talked about this.

Personal space.

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is this show even real

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So this is Pete’s world, obviously, and in this universe, Blockbuster is still relevant, but that’s not the point.

Rose notices he’s been acting strangely.  He slips out at night after he thinks she’s gone to sleep.  She pretends not to notice.  He’s out for less than an hour and he returns to bed as if nothing is amiss.  She wants to think that he’s just gone into the living room to watch telly, but when she hears the click of the front door, she knows he’s left the flat.

And during the middle of the afternoon, too, she’ll notice his absence, but he always comes back with something from the shops: biscuits, tea, Toblerone, milk, Persil, so she can’t exactly accuse him of doing anything suspicious.

And she knows, knows he’d never cheat on her.  She would never doubt him, but then, she knows he’s not telling her something, and she isn’t sure how to ask what it is. The old her would simply ask, or pester him until he relented, but now he has a certain delicateness about him that she doesn’t want to damage.  It isn’t that he’s any less the Doctor, but the awareness of his mortality has changed him in a way she’s never let herself have an opinion about.

So she follows him one afternoon, and she feels silly and guilty and halfway down the block she almost turns around, but he walks into an internet cafe and sits down, his hood pulled up.  And he looks around, and she’s about to assume the worst.  For a second she’s ready for her world to shatter, that this is something horrible, something more unfathomable than all of the unfathomable things she’s ever seen during their time together.

But then the screen lights up, and she’s caught midway between a sob and a snort of laughter as she sees Guilds of the Mist glow across the screen.

She promptly turns around and walks back to their flat, laughing so hard she’s practically crying.  Leave it to the Doctor to discover online role-playing games.

So later, when he has a mouthful of noodles from the Chinese takeout they ordered, she asks him if he’s a level five mage or the guild warlock.  He chokes and turns bright red, and she simply laughs, making a stab at his cashew chicken while he’s distracted.

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Tumblr problems


  • When someone you love to death keeps posting your NOTP and even with Tumblr Savior hiding the actual post, you just can’t stand seeing that word on your dash, but you could never unfollow them so you just have to endure it


  • When someone you follow and like a lot randomly bursts out with an opinion that goes against everything you believe and you had no idea they had that shit inside them


  • When you see someone on your dash and not only don’t remember following them, when you check out their blog, you can’t imagine why on earth you ever would have followed them in the first place


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